Picking Out The Best Washer

As we discussed previously, the type of pressure washer you want to buy will either be an electric one for occasional use around the home, or petrol driven if you’re out and about a lot or need more power.

Petrol pressure washers are getting more popular all the time, thanks to lower prices, higher power, and more versatile usage options.

That probably isn’t going to give you everything you need to know though, which is why we recommend reading reviews wherever possible before you buy.

Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on the retailers like B&Q and Argos to give unbiased advice, so you would be well advised to look away for their websites, and indeed those of the manufacturers. Both of these have an obvious incentive to make you lean towards their own models, and that means you might not get the help you’re looking for.

What Review Sites Should I Use?

There are a few websites like Which that cover a huge range range of products, but (for Which at least) you often have to pay a monthly fee to access the majority of the useful information they provide. That’s all well and good, but most of us are looking for occasional purchases so don’t really want to be paying a monthly fee.

A better way (in our opinion), is to look for sites specialising in pressure washer reviews. Here’s a good example of a pressure washer site, covering a large number of makes and models for you to better understand. They also go into detail about not only what the features are, but also how they are used and why it should matter to you as a buyer and user.

Do Your Homework To Double Check What You Read

It’s still not enough though to be sure that you’re going to make a wise purchase. Once you find one you like, head to Amazon and check out the buyer reviews for the one you like, paying particular attention to the ones labelled as Verified Purchase Reviews.

These are reviews that Amazon is certain that are written by people that have bought the product – easy for them to do as the biggest retailer on the planet!

Picking out the best pressure washer is difficult if you are not sure what you’re looking for, but by spending a few hours researching the jet washing machines that are on sale you can become an expert in no time and be a knowledgeable buyer!

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