Petrol Vs Electric Pressure Washers

If you are in the market for a pressure washer, you might be wondering if you should get a petrol one or an electric one. They both have a lot to offer which can make it hard to determine which is better. To make an informed decision, you need to know more about both types of pressure washer and what they can be used for.

Here at the Pressure Washing Institute, we want to help you understand more about the two varieties and which is best for your needs.

Petrol Pressure Washers

When looking at petrol pressure washers, you will notice that they can be used anywhere. As they run on petrol, you do not have to worry about being close to a power supply. The drawback of this is the fact that they are often heavier than their electric counterparts.

This is due to the fact that they need to carry their fuel which adds weight to them. The weight is often not too big a problem because these pressure washers will generally be on wheels.

Petrol pressure washers also need to be maintained regularly. Routine maintenance is vital if you want the pressure washer to last for many years. If you understand the mechanics of the machine, you can do this maintenance yourself or you will need to hire a professional.

If you need a lot of power, these are the best machines to get. The petrol washers are able to generate more power than the electric ones with some high-end models offering up to 4,000 PSI. This makes them ideal for any home user and they can also be used for commercial purposes.

The additional power and portability will come at a cost with these washers being more expensive than the electric ones. You will also need to buy other items for the washer such as oil, detergents and the petrol it runs on. This can increase the overall costs to much more than the electric washers.

When looking at the price, it is also important to note that you might pay more for a petrol washer that has the same PSI as a cheaper electric one. To get the best value for money, you will need to look at a mid-range petrol pressure washer.

Electric Pressure Washers

While there are a lot of pros and cons with petrol pressure washers, there are just as many with electric pressure washers. These pressure washers will generally have a maximum power level of 2,000 PSI which is high enough for any domestic use. However, if you are looking for something that can double as an industrial machine, they are not ideal.

Electric washers will come with a lot of different attachments made to help with different tasks around the house. There are attachments that help you with cleaning the pool area, the barbecue and bikes. It is important to note that you can often get the same attachments for petrol pressure washers.

Electric pressure washers are also lighter than the petrol models. This makes them easier to move around, but you will be limited in the distance from a power socket that you can go. This will generally not be a problem if you are going to be using your pressure washer around your home as the cable will be long enough to reach a socket. It is often recommended that you not use an extension cord with the pressure washer which could be inconvenient if you are cleaning something a distance from your home.

Electric washers come with less maintenance than the petrol ones. Additionally, you will not have to buy additional items for the washer to ensure that it is working correctly. There are no major parts which could fail and need to be replaced.

If you are working on a budget, it is important to note that these pressure washers will be cheaper than the petrol ones. The problem is that some people feel that the lower price tag comes with lower quality. Generally, you cannot expect an electric pressure washer to last as long as the petrol ones and you need to consider this. If you are looking for longevity, this may not be the best option for you.

Which Is Best?

When it comes to choosing which pressure washer is best, it is down to personal preference and what you are going to be using it for. An electric pressure washer will have the power to complete most cleaning without causing any damage. However, if you need more than 2,000 PSI of power, you will not find this with an electric machine.

The petrol machines are ideal for people who need them for residential as well as industrial purposes. These machines are also ideal if you are going to be using them away from electrical sockets as they have their own fuel. Petrol power washers will also last longer which is something that you need to consider as you may not want to have to buy a new one very soon.

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